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A Special Day: The Day Eid Met Christmas by Mahmoud Elzein

Alt="a special day kids lit book cafe"A Special Day: The Day Eid Met Christmas by Mahmoud Elzein (Author), Rania Hasan (Illustrator) 

Do you believe in magic, the magic of kindness?
One special year, Christmas and Eid fell on the same day. And on that special day, two girls, Eva and Aya, discovered a magical friendship through the spirit of giving. Their generous acts of kindness inspire children to think of others regardless of social backgrounds and beliefs.

Book Review

A Special Day by Mahmoud Elzein is an exciting and magical story about two young girls who are each celebrating two very different, very joyful and special holidays: Christmas and Eid (which happen to fall on the same day this year!) The girls cross paths while shopping for gifts.  It is in a special quiet moment in a broken elevator when they realize that the wonderful holiday season finds them both encompassing the blissful spirit of love and kindness. Eva’s heart is overwhelmed with joy, and Aya feels such happiness when the girls decide to give their gifts to less fortunate orphans who won’t be receiving any presents for the holiday season! What a wonderful and generous idea they have! The girls’ mothers are so proud of them and their acts of kindness! 

This lovely, heartwarming book delivers a sweet and inspiring story that is sure to touch the hearts and minds of every child! I read this book to my own elementary aged children and they absolutely loved and adored the newly budding friendship between the two girls, Eva and Aya. They were captivated by the vivid and colorful illustrations that sparkle bright and show such magnificent detail and care on every big and bold page.

A Special Day by Mahmoud Elzein is a perfect celebration and example of the soul’s eagerness and sense of contentment that is found when performing charitable acts of good deeds and kindness to others in need.  I highly recommend this delightful book to every one of all ages looking for a splendid story about the magic of giving and the wonderment of making new friendships that will last a lifetime! A Special Day by is a wonderful must read book for every child and a perfect addition to every family’s book collection! Kids Lit Book Café highly recommends A Special Day: The Day Eid Met Christmas by Mahmoud Elzein. Book reviewed  by Beatrix Bloom for Kids Lit Book Café.

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Alt="a special day"

The Winds of Happiness by Teresa Fiedler-Buss

Purchase “The Winds of Happiness: Irie’s Adventures by Teresa Fiedler-Buss” Today!

The Winds of Happiness: Irie’s Adventures by Teresa Fiedler-Buss – Illustrated by Bailey Traxler


Welcome to this crazy world called life!

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure? Do you like taking selfies?

How attached are you to your electronics or tablet? Do you like robots and drones more?

Would you rather dance and have fun with bubbles? Or would you rather go out for pizza and a movie?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, then you will LOVE this book!

The Winds of Happiness will engage children in a fun and current way to learn important life lessons.

Your child/student’s values start developing with what is taught and learned in social and personal situations.
If you are a parent, guardian or teacher wanting to assist in making a difference in today’s society, this book is for you.

This book includes children discussions, interactive pages and teacher lesson plans which will help with
Common Core State Standard (CCSS) & Social Emotional Learning (SEL).


The Winds of Happiness: Irie’s Adventures by Teresa Fiedler-Buss is a cute and colorful narrative about an adventurous and laid back, but lively spirited dog named Irie, and her cheerful and energetic bunch of friends. This is a delightful must-read book for every child in your life.

Irie’s friends are always reminding her to be creative, make her own fun but most importantly always be herself! Irie goes on all sorts of fantastic adventures in The Winds of Happiness! One being an incredible day at a splash pad with a DJ and bubbles! Irie learns she doesn’t need technology to have a good time, she can create her own awesome day with musical inspiration and perseverance to “make it happen!”  Another adventure tells of Irie’s birthday at the movies and pizza with her friends Max and Bubba. Throughout the day, Max has issues with social anxiety and uses his tablet to comfort himself and keep his mind off crowded situations. But what he doesn’t realize is his actions start to affect the people and mechanics around him! Being the empathetic friend Irie is, she helps Max get through this troublesome situation with kindness and apprehension. A wonderful reminder to have patience with others and to try to see through someone else’s eyes. And how true friends always help each other out.

The Winds of Happiness touches on many different common and important themes to help a child with emotional growth and development. Such as; learning about coping with life changes, having goals and dreams, important lessons in manners and following rules correctly and responsibly. It gives clear instruction and details with a helpful outline guide that shows key points to be made while reading and how to integrate this book into a lesson plan. Which makes it the perfect book for all types of unit studies in the classroom and for homeschoolers.

I absolutely adored this lovable and wholesome children’s book that made my kids and I smile nonstop from the beginning to the end! Bailey Traxler’s bright and expressive illustrations went along with the story and told it perfectly. Giving it a vivid pizzazz no other children’s book has ever done with such a cool style.

With its unique cast of characters and an entertaining storyline I would greatly recommend The Winds of Happiness: Irie’s Adventures by Teresa Fiedler-Buss to all parents of kids looking for a feel good story full of positive vibes and undeniable contagious good energy!! This one has a permanent spot in our kid’s lit corner at our home!!
Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Kids Lit Book Cafe.

Purchase The Winds of Happiness: Irie’s Adventures by Teresa Fiedler-Buss today! five-stars

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The Back to God Game by Tilly Culbertson

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The Back to God Game by Tilly Culbertson -Illustrations by Kerrie Robertson


“Every child…and adult needs to read this book.”

The Back to God Game is the perfect read-aloud for parents and grandparents to share with children ages five and up.

Rule #1 Everything on Earth comes from God’s creation. You can take anything on Earth all the way back to God.

Join Alden and his Granna as she teaches him a fun game that teaches him why we need to thank God for everything He gives us.

Themes and Extended Activities: Creation Science, Natural Resources, Healthy Eating, Conservation, Thankfulness, Grandparents and Family.

Six-year old Alden and His Granna are driving home from a weekend trip. The boy is tired of playing I Spy and ready to get back home to his family. Granna remembers a game she used to play with her son when he was small and offers to teach it to her grandson. As she explains the rules, he rejects the idea that everything goes back to God’s creation. He quickly finds out through this fun game that God provided everything we need when He created the Earth for us and that is why we need to be thankful for everything. After all, nothing has been added to the Earth since it was created except for rain and a few meteor rocks. The sweet ending will bring a happy tear to any person who loves a child. Included is an activity for the reader. Helpful tips are provided for adults to help children continue playing the game.


The Back to God Game by Tilly Culbertson is a wonderful, beautiful book which teaches children about God’s creation through a story and a game in an imaginative and interactive way. I believe that every family should have a copy of this inspiring book.

On a long road trip home with his grandmother, Alden is antsy and bored. His grandmother suggests a new game to play called The Back to God Game. At first Alden is apprehensive when the rules are explained but after Granna does an example for him he catches on quickly and that’s when the fun begins! Alden slowly learns how anything and everything around him can be taken back to God and HIs creation! He is absolutely amazed!

Children’s author, Tilly Culbertson has written a unique and original story about a special game that challenges young, and old minds alike, to look at God and his creation of all things on Earth. It’s a clever and entertaining opportunity to take anything and everything all the way back to God, a fun and rather enlightening way to understand what He has created for all of us to enjoy! A new way to open one’s eyes to always be thankful for all of the beautiful blessings that He has bestowed upon us. Not only does the game teach that God has a hand in all of life’s surroundings, but it also incorporates important creation science/natural resources themes and a focus of the importance of healthy eating – and family values as well! A definite must read for all to remind us of how fortunate we are for such wonders this world has to offer because of God and His amazing gifts. The illustrations are bold and bright, making this book very pleasing to the eye and attractive to children. Along with the book comes an exciting and instructive activity book that will keep its readers busy and thinking of The Back to God Game and all its possibilities – even after the story ends!

Kids Lit Book Cafe highly recommends this interactive and informative book to all – without a doubt. My children of all different ages were able to understand and enjoy it immensely. They even had a blast playing the game on their very own! Such a smart and effective way to teach the truth of creation and have a good time doing it too! My children and I all love The Back to God Game by Tilly Culbertson, definitely one to pass down to generations to come!
Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Kids Lit Book Café

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The Bridge Monster Michael J DiPinto

The Bridge Monster Michael J DiPinto

What is living under the bridge? A monster you say? He will not eat you, he is only curious, little mischievous and shy. He is looking for a friend, someone to help put a smile on his face


The bridge monster lives under the bridge. He is a nice monster and would do no harm to anyone.

He is smart, shy, and curious, and just a little bit of a rascal.  No one has seen the bridge monster, but all know he’s there. When the cars drive over, he growls. He sometimes tries to grab the tires of the cars passing over and tries to shake the car. Sometimes he growls loud and shakes the bridge really hard. The boaters look up to see if they can see him when their passing under the bridge. He won’t relent, he’s always trying to get attention. He is smart because he knows when the bridge tender is going to raise the bridge. He is brave and feisty and will ride up as the bridge is rising to sneak a peek at the cars and people. He just wants to make friends and wave at the passersby.

The Bridge Monster by Michael J DiPinto is a sweet short story for young children. It teaches kids not to be afraid of riding over bridges in the car. That the noises are nothing to be afraid of and the rattling is not going to hurt them. Most young children are afraid of things like riding over bridges. The sounds and rattling scares them. Some may literally think there is a monster under the bridge. Their minds are young and they don’t comprehend what is happening.

So, Michael J DiPinto has composed a cute story about a good and kind monster that lives under the bridge. One that is playful and curious about the kids in the cars. The fact that the monster is nice and loving helps kids to realize that they don’t have to worry about such things that shake and rattle loud.

The Bridge Monster is a perfect story for young children who tend to be afraid of such things. It is perfect for all young readers too. The words are short and easy to read. The book isn’t too long, which helps with young children and readers that have short attention spans. The illustrations are charming and simple. I love the pictures. They remind me of yesteryear, being a little old fashioned in appearance. It’s just a charming all around book and story.

I read The Bridge Monster to my granddaughters and they were so intrigued. They are young and are afraid of things like the vacuum cleaner. I could see their little minds ticking away and thinking about the story and plot. “He’s a good monster and the bridge is fun,” my granddaughter said. They were delighted to know that there are good monsters too. This book really had a good influence and meaning to them. They laughed and pointed at the pictures. They loved it!

The Bridge Monster by Michael J DiPinto is a wonderful engaging children’s book. My children loved it and I’m sure yours will too.

Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends The Bridge Monster.

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Connect with Author Michael J DiPinto

Yara’s Tawari Tree by Yossi Lapid – Book Review

Alt="yara's tawari tree"Yara’s Tawari Tree (Yara’s Rainforest Book 1) by Yossi Lapid (Author) Joanna Pasek (Illustrator)


Yara lives with her Mama in the lush Amazon jungle. She wants to rescue her beloved but increasingly besieged rainforest home. When Yara falls gravely ill, the forest returns the love and saves Yara’s life.

“A story with a good ecological message and vibrant paintings…” – Kirkus Reviews 

Written in rhyme and featuring gorgeous watercolor illustrations Alt="chick lit cafe"by Joanna Pasek, this is the first volume in a new series showing children how all living things on our beautiful planet depend on one another. 

In a faraway jungle, by a big waterfall,

Smoke rose in the air, things were not good at all.

“They are clearing the forest, they are now very near.

This is surely my end!” sighed a seedling with fear.

On the bank of the river, in a house made of wood,

Close to the place where the scared seedling stood,

A hard-working mother and her kindhearted child,

Lived freely together, eating food from the wild.

“Lapid’s story is enchanting, and it is the perfect opening for discussions on the environment…”Reader’s Favorite, Jack Magnus

Book review:

Yara’s Tawari Tree by Yossi Lapid is a wonderful, entertaining and fun children’s book that kids will love and enjoy. With an important message about our world and environment, Yara’s Tawari Tree is a delightful must read, story and book, for every young child in your life.

Little Yara lives in the rain forest with her mama. She saves a young Tawari tree from being destroyed and cut down. Later on when Yara falls sick, the Tawari tree’s bark is made into a tea and saves her life in return.

Yara’s Tawari Tree is a lovely book that teaches kids about the importance of trees and plants as part of our environment and how they should respect and help protect it. Easy to read, and written in rhyme, Yossi Lapid has created a beautiful one-of-a-kind world and story with enchanting illustrations and paintings for young children, early readers and the whole family to enjoy and read – over and over again.

Yara’s Tawari Tree by award winning children’s author, Yossi Lapid, is highly recommended to parents, care givers, teachers and home school libraries, for every child to experience the wonder and beauty of our world while reading an exciting, tender-hearted and fun story.

There is a high quality coloring book that can be purchased separately, which accompanies the Yara’s Tawari Tree book. Children’s imaginations and creatively will run wild and free as they create a rain forest of their own with crayons, paint, colored pencils, markers and more – whatever their little hearts desire.

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Alt="chick lit cafe book reviews & promotion"


Alt="Yossi Lapid"

Are you looking for a fun way to keep your child focused and entertained this summer? This high-quality coloring book is sure to engage your little ones for hours! Give your child a memorable, hands-on, experience with this charming rainforest adventure coloring book. Grab your copy now and foster the love of nature at an early age!

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Alt="chick lit cafe"

Sally the Crab by Lauren Dragon

Alt=Sally the Crab by Lauren Dragon

Sally the Crab was a Finalist in the National book Competition, Best Book Awards by American Book Fest.A tale of adventure and fun that delves into the themes of friendship and courage. Sally is a hermit crab with a beautiful shell that is admired by many. However, Molly is her best friend. Unfortunately, though one day Molly has to move away and shortly thereafter Sally outgrows her shell. She then goes on a quest to search for another one, but realizes looking for a new home is not as easy for a crab as one might think. Even when Sally could have been frustrated or upset, this crab stays true to herself and is nice to the other creatures she meets. What kind of encounters will Sally come across along her journey and exactly what kind of home will she end up with? Follow this graceful crab on her marvelous adventure!

5 Big Stars for Sally the Crab – Reading with your Kids Podcast.

Sally the hermit crab is happy, outgoing and popular. She lives in a beautiful colorful shell. Everyone admires her shell. Sally has a best friend named Molly. They have fun together every day. But, then Molly has to move to another reef. They are both sad as they say goodbye forever.

Soon, Sally begins to outgrow her shell, so she goes on a journey to search for a new one. She kindly gives away her beautiful shell to another crab in need.

On her adventure to find a new shell, Sally comes across many different sea creatures. She meets a turtle, a blue crab, a stingray, and some funny clown fish. No matter how she tries, she just can’t find the perfect shell to live in. Some other hermit crabs feel sorry for her because she can’t find a suitable shell. She isn’t looking for a beautiful one, just a comfortable one. But none of the shells that the hermit crabs have are the right fit for Sally.

Then one day her friend Molly arrives with a surprise for Sally. It’s a big shell for Sally to live in. “But, it’s too big,” Sally tells Molly. Molly says that it is for both of them to live in together. No one wants to live alone. So best friends, Sally and Molly, got to live happily together.

Sally the Crab is a fabulous little story for young children and readers. It is full of lessons for children. Sally has to cope with the loss of a best friend and the change and challenge of finding a new home. Which teaches children about change, determination and hard work. It also touches on the importance of friendship and kindness, as the many sea creatures try to help Sally, and when Sally kindly gives away her own beautiful shell, she does it humbly and without regret.

I loved the way our author, Lauren Dragon, portrays Sally. Throughout the entire story, Sally never complains or has a bad attitude. She just keeps on trying to find a new shell for her home and is kind to everyone she meets. Sally could have been upset and overly frustrated but she chose to have a good attitude. Great lesson for children.

In Sally the Crab, children are introduced to various types of colorful sea animals and their own habitats. She even touches on the personalities of the creatures, like the grumpy blue crab.

In the end, children learn that life is good and full of unexpected surprises, when Molly, Sally’s best friend, returns home with a shell made for the two of them. Sally was rewarded for her patience, kindness and hard work.

Sally the Crab by Lauren Dragon is a beautiful heartwarming, adventurous children’s book. The illustrations are colorful, whimsical and vivid. I read Sally the Crab to my little granddaughters and they loved it. It held their attention and thrilled them as we turned each page. They loved learning about the sea creatures and they loved Molly.

At the end of the book there are a few special pages where children can color and draw each character – a special added bonus that my grandchildren loved. I just ordered another Sally the Crab book, because they don’t want to share just the one. Also, there is an informative section describing how to own and care for your own little hermit crabs. Those extra added pages make the Sally the Crab book extra special.

Sally the Crab is Lauren Dragon’s first children’s book. It is excellent in every way. We hope to see more books written for children by this exceptional new children’s book author.

Chick Lit Cafe fully recommends Sally the Crab by Lauren Dragon to young children and readers.

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When I Was a Child: I Was Always Afraid – Michael Cascio

When I Was a Child: I Was Always Afraid – Michael Cascio


Are you afraid when you go to bed? This book will put good thoughts in your head.


When I Was a Child: I Was Always Afraid by Michael Cascio is a wonderful children’s book about conquering fear. The book talks about many things that even adults have been afraid of. – unexplainable noises coming from other rooms, lurking spooky shadows, monsters under the bed, scary silhouettes and sounds of trees, and sometimes thunder, outside the window, Children’s minds can get carried away with imagining all kinds of horrifying things. Thankfully, Michael Cascio has thoughtfully addressed the problem by writing an excellent little book for children to learn how to overcome and face their fears.

In When I Was a Child: I Was Always Afraid, we have a little boy that is dealing with the issue of fear. His devoted father takes him by the hand and together they explore the house with the lights on and see that there is nothing scary there. They look under the bed, and surprise, they find lost toys – no monsters. They go outside and look at the beautiful tree and its branches. That is all it was, just a tree. The boy is relieved, and by examining the things he was afraid of, he faced his feelings of fear and conquered them.

The father’s wisdom and willingness to help his child is an important message to parents. Children need to be able to approach their parents and talk about their emotions and fears. By not brushing off his son’s fear by just saying, “there is nothing to be afraid of,” he actively and lovingly helped his son in a real tangible way by showing him that what the boy feared was just normal things around the house. He taught him how to put good thoughts in his head when he became afraid.

This book is written in poetry form with delightful rhyming verses that flow beautifully. The illustrations are vivid and irresistible, as they show the emotion behind them. They start out a bit darker in the beginning, but as the pages are turned they are lit up and cheerful. A perfect depiction of what fear looks like to a child, without being too frightening. The characters in the pictures are actually cute and winsome.

This is a timeless book that should be in libraries, and on every child’s bookshelf, to be read to at bedtime to diminish any fears. Praise for Michael Cascio’s, When I Was a Child: I Was Always Afraid. Get a copy for every child in your life. They will be comforted, delighted and inspired.

Purchase When I Was a Child: I Was Always Afraid @Amazon Here

Reviewed by Artisan Book Reviews

Wobbles by Leah Venegas – Book Review

Alt="wobbles"Wobbles by Leah Venegas



Wobbles is a young leapfrog who has trouble learning to leap. He gets teased in school and feels alone. One day, a new student befriends Wobbles and tells him that her father, who is a champion leaper, had the same problem. With the help of his new friend and her father, Wobbles takes his first successful leap.

As the end of the school year arrives, Wobbles must conquer his fear and succeed in the leaping competition. Will he be able to show the students who bullied him that he is no longer afraid of them?

This book is about perseverance, endurance, and success from working hard and facing your fears.


Wobbles by Leah Venegas is an adorable children’s book about a little humble leapfrog that is trying to learn to leap. On his first day back to school, he tells his father he doesn’t want to go because he can’t leap yet. He is afraid. His father gently encourages him and he goes on to leaping school.

On his first attempt to leap, he fails and the other little frogs laugh at him. Then, a little girl frog makes friends with him and encourages him. She tells Wobbles that her father was a slow learner too. But, he overcame his fear and went on to be a champion leaper. Her father agrees to help little Wobbles learn to leap. He tells him that he needs to overcome his fear and leap with his whole heart. After much practice, Wobbles learns to leap from one lily pad to another. He wins the contest at school and is inspired to help other little frogs learn to leap too.

Wobbles by Leah Venegas is an exciting adventure that young children will be delighted in. It teaches children several important lessons about learning new things. Little Wobbles had a lot of fear of failing and being laughed at. But, he overcame his fear and learned to do things with his whole heart. He practiced and practiced.

This book will be a favorite among children everywhere. It relates to young children that the feeling of embarrassment is normal and so is being fearful. However, by practicing with determination, they can do the very things that they are unsure of. Although a child may have a weakness in an area, he/she can still succeed. Bullying and self-esteem are important lessons in this book.

This book is delightful and captivating. The illustrations are enchanting and will surely bring the child much joy. The storyline and plot are easy to understand and written in a way that young children will be able to follow along and comprehend. I read it to my little grandchildren and they loved it. They have had me read it to them over and over again. It packs a nice important message inside while visually engaging the reader. It is a cute story filled with excitement and emotion. Leah Venegas is an excellent children’s author. I highly recommend Wobbles for all young children.

Reviewed by Chick Lit Café

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